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Xonotic contributions

Xonotic is a free first person shooter that is influenced by Quake series. The game is written in QuakeC which is compiled into bytecode and server have the ability to upload this bytecode to the client. This allows for total conversion mods that will work out-of-the-box. Here are my contributions to it.


These contributions were merged into the git master branch and are available in the up-to-date version of Xonotic.

Kill sound

Better kill sound.

Random start weapons

Give player some random weapons during spawn.

Offhand blaster mutator

Makes traversing the map much easier.

Dynamic handicap mutator

Give newbies a chance to frag.

Random items & loot mutator

No more map control.

Not merged

These contributions were not merged in Xonotic and require you to manually checkout their branch and compile yourself or wait for them to be merged in the future.

Standalone Overkill weapons

Standalone overkill weapons that can be used outside of Overkill mutator.

GunGame gametype

Kills other players with all weapons. One weapon at a time.

Survival gametype

Asymmetric attack/defense gametype.