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Red Eclipse maps

Red Eclipse is a free first-person shooter focused on agility and parkour tricks. The game is pretty good except the main developer (Quinton Reeves) is a control obsessed freak who disallows server mods and requires you to give higher than admin privilegies to his zealots. Don’t connect to his master server.

Anyway, I was stupid enough to like this game and made some maps for it.

Get the latest versions from GitLab.


Added officially in 1.5 version of the game. Just download the game and play. But not on the official master server.

Download [ZIP]

Small duel/DM map set in medieval castle.


Officially removed from the 1.5.6 version of the game.

Download [ZIP]

Medium-sized map taking place on the roof of two adjacent skyscrapers.


Last update: 29 Nov 2016.

Download [ZIP]

A rather small but action packed map featuring a futuristic monorail train.


Last update: 10 Nov 2016.

Download [ZIP]

A map set on a shore with docks during winter night.

Hall of Mirrors

Last update: 18 Mar 2016.

Download [ZIP]

Pure gameplay. Parkour, pushers, fun.


Last update: 3 May 2016.

Download [ZIP]

Stylish one.

The Moon Base

Last update: 19 Dec 2016.

Download [ZIP]

A space colony set on the moon of the unspecified planet.


Last update: 14 Dec 2016.

Officially added and removed from the 1.5.6 version of the game.

Download [ZIP]

Attack & defense map set on a moving train.