Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you

Cloudflare must die

Last update: 1 Dec 2017

Seriously, I’m really tired of that. I want to simply surf the web anonymously so I use Tor. And now every time I go to a new site there is like 50% chance that I will see this fucking image. What the fuck, Internet? Have you lost your mind?

To add an insult to injury, Cloudflare uses Google ReCAPTCHA. This means the captcha is not even visible by default. Here’s how many exceptions I should add to uMatrix to even see the captcha:

Fuck Cloudflare

3 - THREE - damn exceptions. But that’s not it. Hoho, you thought all that work will pay you off. Of course, Google will only let you through if you enable cookies which itself is a huge pain of going into preferences and adding another exception. And, of course, you need to have JavaScript enabled.

So, at this point you’ve spent tons of work on trying to get past this blatant internet censorship machine and you’d better find something so valuable that it all was worth it. Well, in 99% cases it is not. So nowadays I don’t bother with Cloudflare. If I see this familiar page, I close the tab and never visit that site again.

Also, this.

If you use Cloudflare on your site, it means you hate the freedom of speech, you hate your visitors and you force mass surveillance on them. And for that you should pay. You should pay enough that you will never do this again. Sadly, there is no legal framework to punish you so we must use vigilantes. Remember, if one day you find your car burned down or something else has happened, you only have yourself to blame.

We never forgive and we never forget.