Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you

Fight for LGBTIQ+ rights

Last update: 5 Feb 2019


First, let’s cover topics that affect everyone in this community.

Anti-discrimination laws

LGBTIQ people face discrimination and mistreatment all over the world. Proper laws against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia should be put in place in each country. We can’t eliminate rude and stupid people but we can minimize their damage to society. No human should feel inferior or be ashamed of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Proper education

Homophobes, biphobes and transphobes are not born, they are created by hatred, stupidity or religion of their parents and their peers. Children can easily grasp the concept of love, they can easily grasp the concept of love between people of same sex too. When that is established, there comes a proper sexual education at schools. This also means covering topics of safe sex and practices between people of same sex. People should have a very clear understanding of what is what and there should be no shame in discussing it.

HIV prevention programs

There is a still a stigma of HIV being a gay disease and people are scared to test. This is how fear and shame can ruin lives. This should be stopped. A proper education on HIV can battle myths and save lives.

Lesbian, gay and bisexuals

Now to topics covering sexual orientation. People are born gay, lesbian or bisexual. This is not a disease and LGB individuals deserve the same treatment as heterosexuals.

Equal marriage

The most notable aspect of this is marriage. While heterosexuals can marry people they love, LGB people can’t in many parts of the world. Bringing this to justice is a very important milestone.

Adoption rights

Just as with equal marriage, LGB people should be able to adopt chilren without any discrimination. There is no evidence that same-sex parents are worse than heterosexual ones. Why shouldn’t we allow people to care about children who were disposed by their biological heterosexual parents?

Tax benefits

This is less notable but important point which led to a DOMA strikedown. Heterosexual couples receive many tax benefits. Same sex couple should have the same rights and benefits as others.


Transgenger peoples’ issues are less known but we are, perhaps, the most noticeable part of LGBTIQ+ community.

Gender is what is inside your head so why most legal documents use your sex and some of them are written before you even have the ability to express yourself? This creates many difficulties in our lives. Ideally, birth certificates shouldn’t contain gender and people should be able to determine their own gender. And right now you have to go through life-threatening surgeries to simply be yourself. This must change and some juristictions, for example the state of California and Netherlands are making progress.

Hormones and surgeries covered by insurance

Going through transition is a difficult process and it requires a lot of hormones and procedures. Doing it on your own would require tens of thousands dollars. Some people simply cannot afford it and it results in depression and sometimes even suicide. Paying for transition must be covered by insurance as medically necessary.


The more recent addition to LGBT. I think these people got the worst from the start, with parents giving concern to “fix” their bodies, huge surgeries against their will, doctors hiding and giving false information. I think intersex people deserve the most compassion.

There is still practice of trying to “fix” intersex people by performing surgeries on them at early age without their consent. This is simply child abuse at it’s finest.


I guess this is even less known part of LGBT community. Those people identify as neither male or female.

Gender binary is profounly false. Non-binary people are not male or female and forcing them to choose either is a violation of basic human dignity. Therefore, all legal documents should provide at least third option for gender.

How you can help

  • Educate yourself on what is sexual orientation and gender identity is.
  • If you are heterosexual, simply learn that LGBTIQ+ people are not different and shouldn’t be stigtized or feared. If you have feelings you are ashamed of, listen to yourself, find out who you are, you are not alone. Find others, socialize and learn to defend your integrity. Never give up, it’s not your fault, be yourself. If you feel misunderstanding, leave.
  • Participate in events that honor LGBTIQ+ community. Let us be visible. The power is in masses.
  • Lobby government to change the law so it won’t discriminate against LGBTIQ+ and give us equal rights.

Together, we can make a difference, it’s a long fight, but things are changing, slowly but surely. Let’s keep it up.