Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you

Fight for gender equality

Last update: 30 Dec 2017

Ever since I came out as transgender to myself, I started to look at the world from the woman’s perspective and, oh boy, how much injustice have I found. In our society men and women are treated very differently. They are subjected to stereotypes, that men do this and women do that. Men wear this, women that. I’ve heard stuff like “You don’t have to be very smart if you are a woman”. Really? So women are inherently less smart than men? Bullshit. I’m also not accepted as female by my parents because I sit in front of my PC and not in the kitchen, apparently.

Here’s an example. Open this Wikipedia page. You see that picture on the right? When I first looked at it, my first thought was “Where are all the women?”. Yes, where are they? Oh right, apparently women can’t write classical music because women are just objects for sex. Boo hoo.

I don’t have much to say or links at specific cases, there are simply too much of them. Just, if you ever separate people by gender and you are not talking about biology, you are just wrong.

But things are slowly changing, especially in the West. We must continue the fight.