Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you

Fight for legalization of recreational drugs

Last update: 30 Dec 2017

Do you know what is the most harmful drug? Alcohol. Why is it legal and most other drugs are not? Because a lot of people make a lot of money by selling alcohol and you can buy laws with money. Ok, now that we’ve established that government doesn’t give a shit about your health, let’s look at other aspects.

A lot of people think that drugs are very harmful but there are no confirmed deaths from weed, for example. There are harmful effects on the body and on the relatives of the drug user but should the government have a say of what can I can do with my body? Hell no. But one thing is important: there should be no free healthcare for drug users. The natural selection must continue to work and unfit people must die.

Let’s look at at least one positive aspect of legalization:

A lot of people will die

This is great because it will slower the overpopulation, less animals will be killed for food, less planet will be deformed to accomodate uncontrolable growth of humans.

Why drugs are still illegal

This is actually an easy question because it is advantageous for the government to make laws that will make most of the population into criminals so it can blackmail them and use selective justice to silence the opposition.