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Fight for legalization of drawn child pornography

Last update: 30 Dec 2017

When people start talking about child pornography, they usually imply talking about adults doing sexual acts with real children and filming that on camera. I don’t want to talk about that in this article because we don’t have reliable way of assessing understanding and consent of children.

I want to talk about pictures and animated videos that don’t use real children during production. In particular, I think that there is nothing wrong with them and they should be legal. The usual argument is that if we tolerate the urges of pedophiles, they will go on the streets and rape children. In practice, the opposite is true. If you have some urge and there is no way to release it safely, you will take the risk and will do the damage. Had there been no violent video games, I would definitely go on the street and hurt people.

Another point is that drawn pornography can depict situations that will be extremely difficult to reproduce or do a lot of damage in real life. I see no problem if someone masturbates watching an animation of mutilated boy doing 69 with mutilated dog near the anthropomorphic squirrel that vomits blood, all while sitting on a dildo in a shape of an animal penis. I see problem if someone has the urge to see this but there is no porn so they go on the street to kill children and animals.

If you got aroused while reading the last paragraph, don’t despair and start clicking those links. Have fun!