Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you

Fight against religion

Last update: 30 Dec 2017
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At first there was Big Bang… or God?… or Flying Spaghetti Monster? or Invisible Pink Unicorn?

Who knows? I don’t. Scientists can only speculate. Priests can only make something up. And they’ve been doing it for a hell of a lot of time. And people went for them. Why? Because they couldn’t try to find answers, they’d rather take something simple and stop their thought process there. Thus, the religions began. And they’ve prospered. And since then we went to the Moon, we created immense technology, we now have powerful computers in our pockets, but some or, rather, many still believe in weird thousands years’ old fairy tales. It’s about time for humanity to grow up, put our eyes up in the sky and ask: “What’s there?” and try to find out.

How hard is to ask questions?

Really. Have you stopped for a second and asked yourself: “Why am I doing this? Why do I live? What is the purpose of life? What is real?” Sometimes, we live years without asking these questions. Sometimes, we never ask them. When you are born, parents tell you what to do, then it’s teacher, then you finish school, go to college, graduate, find a job, work 9-5, marry, have kids, get old, retire, end up in a retirement home and die. For what? For family? Well, they’re going on the same treadmill. Because some guy with a fairy tale book called Bible told you to? Do you think he really knows anything more than you? After all, what do we have? We have conscience, well I know I have, maybe you are philosophical zombie. What is real? Do our bodies exist or we are simply brains in a vat or a computer simulation. What? Are these questions tough? Maybe you haven’t really thought deep in your life? Awake. Stop believeing and start asking questions. Start searching for answers. Use scientific method. And you know what, if you stop believing enough, you will find that atheists make the same mistake. They believe. I don’t and you shouldn’t. Be agnostic. Together, we can start searching for answers. For real this time.

Separate church and the state

Never, ever should church, any church have any authority over the law. Never, ever, should people who believe in fairy tales tell us how to live our lives. These nutcakes have too much blood on their hands and deserve royal punishment. If you see any law being passed that has an exemption for religious beliefs, protest. If you see any church influence any government person, protest. It will take some time and a lot of work but technology will win. When will be transformong our bodies into cyborgs and have digital images of our brain for backup and transport, no fairy tale rules will apply.

Isolate religious practices into closed places away from society

There will always be people who are stupid and/or easily influenced. Let them do their stupid rituals where our eyes won’t see them. This also means no public religious celebrations, no Xmas, it’s just a way for business to milk money out of you. Also, don’t lie about Santa. Just… accept reality for what it is and let your children accept.

Cut the money flows

Yes, you know, those fancy buildings and outfits cost money. This money could be spent for a better cause. Cut the flow and you will see people awaking from hypnosis and learning that those bastards never needed that infrastrucure anyway and people can continue believing or maybe even start thinking on their own.

Hold them liable for their crimes

People did countless crimes in the name of religion and not them but also religious institutions should be held responsible. They must be gotten rid of completely.

Wake people up

This mindless following must end. Give people education, give them knowledge, give them tools to find knowledge, make them ask questions, make them want freedom and make them find that freedom.