Liberty or death. No exceptions

Don't trust governments

Governments exits to serve people. Or so they say. In a real world, governments get obsessed with power unless people protest and put them back into place. Today, the most common type of oppresion is informational warfare, a brainwashing. So it is important to have an independent source of imformation. Old technologies like newspapers, radio or TV have a lot of legal background which allows government to control and censor things that are not to be said.

However, there is one technology that is still new and therefore has a rather free flow of information - the Internet. The Internet is different because it is way more decentralized and, since Web 2.0, has mostly user-generated content. You can't control and censor such system that easily. So it is crucial that you know how to find information on the Internet and, since you are reading this page, I assume you've mostly learned this part.

Next, roughly 80% of all information on the Internet is in English. So if you don't learn it, you will be locked out and in a long term will lose a lot compared to people who know English. Again, since you are reading this page, you are rather enlightened. But maybe you know people who are not so? It's important to spread these ideas and get people educated. Lots of old people don't get well with computers but they have the right to vote and are targeted by polititians. Without access to independent media they would be making a choice that may not lead to what they expect.

Some governments are proactive enough that they decide to go against the technology and censor the Internet. That is where anonymous proxies such as Tor come into play.

Recap: What can you do

  • Learn to browse World Wide Web.

    Because World Wide Web is the source of most information.

  • Learn English.

    Because most of the stuff is in English.

  • Learn to verify all information using independent sources.

    Because you shouldn't trust a single source.

  • Learn to bypass government Internet censorship (if any).

    Because going against the technology is futile.

  • Help other people to learn the same.

    Because not everyone can learn everything on their own.

  • Make your government know that you won't tolerate any form of censorship.

    Because censorship is against freedom.