Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you

Fight against involuntary circumcision

Last update: 22 Feb 2018

Let’s start with “female circumcision” which is an euphemism for female genital mutilation. This is a barbaric practice that must be punished with full force. Nobody should escape the punishment for it.

OK, once the obvious elephant in the room is out, let’s talk about male circumcision. Well, really, the thing is the same. A foreskin is a part of human body and removing it without consent is violation of bodily integrity and should be punished accordingly. In US cicumcision was used as a futile attempt to curb masturbation and Jewish and Muslim people circumcise males because they are religious.

If you have been circumcised as a child, here’s what you should do:

However, if you are adult and considering circumcision, here are a few arguments why uncircumcised penis is better:

  • Masturbating feels great
  • Penetrative sex should not feel worse
  • Penis still looks ok
  • Circumcised trans women look gross

Really, you shouldn’t give freaks the acceptance of gross violation of bodily integrity they are still trying to hold.