Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you

Fight against animal cruelty

Last update: 13 Nov 2018

Yes, animals do a lot of bad things. But really, the only crime they commit is being stupid. And they get dispropoptionally punished for that. There are a lot of people who are much more stupid and much more harmful to the world than animals, such as, you know, republicans, catholics, muslims, religious jews…

So why do we kill animals for food and not harmful people?

I’d rather eat meat of malicious humans than cow meat. And imagine who much money you can earn by selling cooked Donald Trump? Mmm, delicious. We can kill billions of people without any adverse effects on the human race. Think of how much meat that is. We can solve world hunger. So every time you eat a burger, think how much suffering you are inflicting on the minds who were just unlucky to be born as a less advanced species and that you should be in the oven, not them.

Wearing animals as clothes

Well, historically, humans had to wear animals for survival. But, of course, the survival of human race is not necessary for the general discourse of nature so survival is not a valid reason to do extreme violence. However, today we have tons of synthetic materials that are more than enough to cover the needs of survival. So why the fuck do people still wear animals as clothes? I mean, you have tons of options yet you specifically choose to kill animals just for fun. This is murder and should carry the punishment of death sentence.

Animals as test subjects

Same logic as with food. Actually, you can recruit tons of westerners just by offering some imaginary bonus. I mean, they are terminally retarded enough to use credit cards or Facebook. You can shove pretty much anything up their ass and they will be happy to oblige.