Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you


Hi. I’m Lyberta. My pronounds are she/her.

I am a transgender woman, intersex, pansexual, polyamorous, furry, transspecies, aracial, left-handed, science denier, technophobe, anti-vaxxer, flat Earther, rape survivor, VCUG survivor, domestic abuse survivor, former child sex slave, school bullying survivor, compulsory education survivor, higher education survivor, employment survivor and psychiatric survivor. I have complex post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of 28 years of physical, psychological, sexual, medical and institutional abuse by my parents, doctors, kindergarteners, school teachers, classmates, college professors, employers and psychiatrists. My parents are dead now, thankfully.

My alias “Lyberta” is based on the word “liberty” because my whole life I fought for freedom to be myself and freedom from abuse.

Here are a couple of assertions based on my life experience. If you can’t handle them, you’re welcome to never talk to me, ever:

  • Parenthood is a system of oppression of children. Parents routinely abuse, rape and kill their children. Children must be protected from their parents.
  • Doctors are torturers, rapists and murderers in white coats. Prescriptions for drugs are a system of oppression.
  • Compulsory education is torture. Schools are concentration camps for children. “Teaching” children only traumatizes them and doesn’t help them in life at all.
  • Higher education is a system of oppression. Colleges are medium security prisons designed to torture students. “Teaching” students only reinforces their trauma from school and doesn’t help them in life at all.
  • Employment is a system of oppression and slavery based on capitalism. Employers get richer while employees quickly lose all of their mental and physical health and die. If we reclaim wealth and means of production from rich people, people won’t need to work, ever.
  • Psychiatry is a system of oppression of minorities based on lies. Psychiatric hospitals are concentration camps designed to Holocaust such minorities with pills, electroshock and other means.
  • Police is a system of oppression. Prisons are designed to multiply hatred and violence, not reduce it.
  • Government is evil in 99% of cases. Patriotism is harmful to everyone except government.
  • Society is an oppressive concept. If we treat people as individuals who have their own thoughts, feelings and identities, we will not only maximize personal freedom and happiness, we will maximize collective freedom and happiness.
  • LGBT+ community is so privileged with their attraction to adult humans that they exclude tons of other harmless people such as pedophiles, zoophiles, dendrophiles, necrophiles, etc. LGBT+ community was never about inclusivity. It’s an exclusive club for people attracted to adult humans or nothing at all.
  • People who don’t understand the difference between attraction and abuse (such as the difference between pedophilia and child rape and zoophilia and bestiality) are scum.
  • STEM (that is Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is just a bunch of white cisgender heterosexual men jerking off.
  • Science is a lie used to facilitate systems of oppression such as education, medicine and psychiatry.
  • Using computers is very hard to the point of it being traumatic. Typing text on keyboard is very hard.
  • GNU/Linux is the worst operating system ever made. FSF are a bunch of crooks. Linus Torvalds is racist, sexist, misogynist and transphobe.

Things I spend my life on: sex, masturbation, watching YouTube and playing video games.

Addicted to: furry porn, hentai, femboys.

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